Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ursula's Maiden Army by Philip Griffin

Ursula's Maiden Army: "Britannic Princess Ursula hatches a bold scheme when the men of her country go to defend the crumbling Roman Empire?that an army of women can defend their island home! She and her friends Pinnosa, Brittola, Cordula, Martha and Saula, create an all-female force who successfully defend their homeland from the Picts, Hibernians and Saxons.

When the Britannic men don?t return from the Continent because they are embroiled in the disaster that becomes the fall of Rome, Ursula comes up with an even more audacious plan?the army of women shall go to Germania for a Grand Wedding of the Forces. Alas, her objective quickly goes awry when weather, politics and war keep the armies apart?and thrust Ursula and her 11,000 maiden army directly into battle with the Huns! Ursula?s Maiden Army will enthrall readers with it?s tale of adventure, bravery and the determination of its heroine.

Ursula?s Maiden Army is based on the legend (and scant truth) of Saint Ursula, the fifth century martyr of Cologne, Germany."

Available April 2006.

The Anvil Stone: Book 3 of the Macsen's Treasure Series by Kathleen Cunningham Guler

The Anvil Stone: Book 3 of the Macsen's Treasure Series: "In fifth-century Britain, only a few souls believed Merlin the Enchanter's prophecy, that the 'once and future king' called Arthur would one day rescue them from fierce and deadly Saxons. In a world where 'king' simply meant 'warlord,' many wondered: would there even be a Britain left for Arthur to rule once he was born and old enough to wield a sword of his own?

One man refused to let that dream fade into nightmarish despair...

Freedom is all that matters.? So says spy and master of disguise Marcus ap Iorwerth of his greatest dream. For years, he has courageously struggled to unite Britain?s feuding internal factions and derail the ever-encroaching Saxon threat that has made his homeland a deadly place.

So when a mysterious stranger delivers a gruesome, bloodstained effigy fashioned to look like him, Marcus immediately knows it?s both a warning and a challenge. He and his wife Claerwen?whose gift of second sight makes her a target as well?run headlong into the daunting fray. Rival factions are instigating war both among themselves and with the Saxons, and while Marcus sets out to quash their treachery, Claerwen discovers another crisis. Those same factions have mounted a desperate search for one of Britain?s most cherished symbols?a magnificent sword of the ancient high kings that has been lost for decades. She knows the sword must be found; it is part of Britain?s future and will pass to a great king called Arthur who has been prophesied to come. With battle about to erupt all around, Marcus learns the stranger, an assassin bent on killing him, may be one of the last sources that could lead him and Claerwen to the sacred sword.

The Anvil Stone brings the volatile tribal nature of Dark Age Britain to life and deftly interweaves it with its mystical Celtic roots and the promise of hope found in the Arthurian legend. A stunning display of the storyteller?s craft, this book is the third in the spectacular four-part Macsen?s Treasure series that began with Into the Path of Gods and In the Shadow of Dragons."

Brad Geagley, Day of the False King

The Best Reviews: Brad Geagley, Day of the False King Review by Harriet Klausner: "In 1150 BCE, the wife of Pharaoh Ramses III arranges to have him killed and her son placed on the throne. Ramses III dies from injuries he incurred from the assassination attempt and his ailing son Ramses IV sits on the throne but fears that if he dies, a regent, probably selected by his enemies will take charge as his heir is too young. He fears that they plan to kill him just like they did his father.

The pharaoh asks his friend Semerket, the Clerk of Investigations and Secrets, to journey to Babylon to ask the ruler to lend him the sacred statue of Bel-Marduk which is said to have healing powers. Semerket eagerly obeys his Pharaoh's wishes because this will allow him to see his beloved ex-wife who was exiled to Babylon because of her second husband's part in the conspiracy. He arrives in a Babylon conquered by the Elamites with King Kutir sitting on the throne. He will let Egypt have the statue if Semerket can find out what happened to his sister who along with Semerket's ex-wife was on an estate when a massacre occurred but neither body was found. His search is hampered by rebels who want the invaders thrown out and Semerket is their prime target.

The hero is a detective in the tradition of Marlowe but his one vulnerability is his love for his ex-wife who divorced him to marry a man who could sire a child on her. He is tough, blunt, and in your face but he risks his life to obtain the information that will lead him to his wife's whereabouts if she is still alive. Brad Geagley brings to life ancient Babylon, where intrigue, rebellion, and murder are every day occurrence. This is a fascinating and exciting historical mystery"