Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Silent Fort

By Fay Sampson

"The Roman army is invading Dumnon, Devon. In hill forts and sacred groves, druids and warriors quarrel over the fate of their tribe. Should they collaborate or resist? Impatient with their caution, the chief's son, Aidan the Red Fox, takes matters into his own hands. Cairenn is on the brink of marriage to Aidan. Her brother, Melwas, demands the weapons of a warrior, though he is still too young. What if the chief refuses to let him fight? As they bring the White Colt out for the sacrifice, Carienn is torn between fear for her lover, her brother and her people. As male and female druids compete for the soul of the tribe and the Roman legion marches relentlessly closer, brother and sister plunge into danger. "

Coming in August 2003
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