Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Pride of Carthage : A Novel of Hannibal

Pride of Carthage : A Novel of Hannibal?Pride of Carthage is that rare and wonderful thing: an historical novel that?s not only deeply evocative of time and place, character and situation, but is also lyrically written, compellingly composed. I savored each page while ever more breathless as the story unfolded. Durham has broken the mold of historical fiction and created a masterpiece.?
?Jeffrey Lent, author of In the Fall and Lost Nation

?Durham leaps continents and centuries to tell the epic story of Hannibal and his march on Rome in this heady, richly textured novel. . . . The novel?s grand sweep is balanced by intimate portraits of Hannibal, his family, his allies and his enemies. . . . Durham weaves abundant psychological, military, and political detail into this vivid account of one of the most romanticized periods of history.?
?Publishers Weekly (starred review)

?Durham has reimagined this vanished world in stunningly precise detail, and his lucid explanations of the give-and-take of military decision-making help the reader through some dauntingly complicated material. Nor is this novel merely a pageant: the author vividly portrays both Hannibal?s driven resolve and Scipio?s ruthless efficiency, as well as the conflicted emotions that rule several powerfully realized secondary figures. . . . One of the best of the current crop of historical novels, and a career-making march forward for Durham.?
?Kirkus Reviews

Pride of Carthage is scheduled for release January 18, 2005.
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