Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Roma" completed and Paperback edition of "A Gladiator Dies Only Once" Released

Dear Friend of Gordianus,

Just a note to let you know that the paperback edition of the latest
book, A GLADIATOR DIES ONLY ONCE, is just out. It's a collection of
short stories, all featuring Gordianus. There are images and details
at my web site...

or at

Meanwhile, I recently finished my next book. ROMA: THE NOVEL OF
ANCIENT ROME is a saga in the Michener/Rutherfurd vein. The epic
story follows descendants of a single bloodline through the first
1000 years of Roman history, from the first Bronze Age settlement on
the Tiber and the founding of the city by Romulus and Remus all the
way to the assassination of Caesar and the end of the Republic. It's
by far my longest and most ambitious book. ROMA will be published in
March, 2007.

But I don't get to take the summer off. My publisher is making me
start work on the next Gordianus novel! - Steven Saylor
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