Monday, April 28, 2003

Heroes In The Dust

by Jennifer MacAire

In Book 2 of McAires "Iskander" series, a time-traveling journalist continues her adventure with Alexander the Great in the exotic province of Bactria.

"A faint smell of smoke was in the air, but the streets were deserted. As we rode into the village, heads poked out of doorways. A couple skinny dogs barked. Then children appeared. Always the most curious, they slipped past their parents, standing uncertainly in the doorways, and ran to greet us. Shouting and clapping their hands, they gathered around the horses, touching them and us, patting our legs, asking the hundreds of questions children always asked. Our horses, used to war and confusion, didnt mind when the children grabbed at their tails and rich trappings. Alexander had gold tassels on his horses blanket, and braided into Bucephales tail were red and white silk ribbons. These fluttered in the breeze, making each of the horses movements a celebration."
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