Wednesday, May 07, 2003

"A Mist of Prophecies" is now available in paperback.

Its 48 B.C. and the Empire is wracked by civil war and civic unrest. In Rome, the beautiful and enigmatic seeress, Cassandra, has everyone from Forum "chin-waggers" to high-society matrons entranced by her convulsionlike attacks of prophecy. But, a whisper of "She's poisoned me!" to Gordianus the Finder just before dying in his arms brings Gordianus out of retirement and into the hunt for her killer. Seven of Romes most influential women including Caesars wife, Calpurnia attend the seeress humble funeral. All have something to do with Cassandras fate, just as she, in secret ways, has something to do with the fate of Rome itself.

Steven Saylors ninth entry in the Gordianus the Finder series of historical fiction novels, "A Mist of Prophecies" is now available in paperback. Steven says hes hard at work on the next novel, which takes Gordianus to Egypt to meet Cleopatra. It should be published about this time next year.

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