Monday, May 12, 2003

"Render Unto Caesar" to debut in August

By Gillian Bradshaw

Hermogenes is a young Greek from 1st century Alexandria, heir to a noble and vibrant society, but he yearns to be a citizen of Rome, the present rulers of the world. When Hermogenes father is granted Roman citizenship, it appears as if his family has found favor from the gods--except then a business deal goes sour and Hermogenes father dies at sea. It is left to Hermogenes to reclaim all monies owed to the family--including a debt from a very well connected Roman consul who has reneged on his obligations and refuses to deal with "Greek trash."

Hermogenes travels to Rome to reclaim what he is owed and finds it is no simple matter. Along the way, he will encounter base desire and power struggles, plots within plots, and a beautiful woman gladiator who is more than she seems. His life is in danger, and ultimately Hermogenes is left with the question:

Can the conferring of a title make one truly Roman? And if not, how far will a man go to satisfy honor?
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