Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Imperial Governor rereleased

Sent to Wales to capture the gold mines, Roman General Suetonius Paulinus faces the fury of Queen Boudiccas tribes, all united against Neros corrupt officials.

Reviewer Iain S. Palin writes "This is an account of life in the Roman army, how it worked (and conquered almost all its foes in the process), and of the mind set of its commanders is absolutely gripping. The author takes you back to a totally different time, a different society, a different way of thinking, and immerses you. Suetonius is the consummate professional soldier and he succeeds because of his professionalism and his refusal to panic when all seems lost. But he has no respect for the people he has been sent from distant Rome to govern, and as events proceed this develops into a blind hatred for the rebels. This brings him into dispute with his political masters in Rome, who want a quick "reconstruction", and causes his downfall."

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