Monday, April 11, 2005

Emperor: The Field of Swords

By ERIK FLOREN -- Edmonton Sun

CANOE : "With hardly a false note in description or dialogue (though once or twice Roman legionnaires seemed to speak with a trace of British idiom), the narrative tugs you along firmly.

But it is the author's sheer mastery of scenes of combat - from duelling gladiators to vast, cataclysmic battles - that really propels this tale. Iggulden writes with a keen knowledge of soldiering down through the ranks.

Vivid depictions of ancient warfare, of tactics and strategy, thrust you into the fight. You can hear the heavy stomp stomp stomp of the legionnaires advancing across the field of battle, the clang of swords and the shrieks of the wounded.

And then, after the battle, your hands sweat on the page."
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