Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Brothers of Romulus by Cynthia J. Bannon

David Brown Book Company: "The Brothers of Romulus
by Cynthia J. Bannon

A study of fraternal pietas in Roman law, literature and society. Bannon examines the relationship between brothers in both the public and private spheres, arguing that the notion of fraternity, with the concept of pietas at its heart, was very important in Roman society and that it became a model for Romns of relationships between friends, lovers and soldiers. She illustrates her arguments with some famous Roman siblings: Cicero and Quintus, Scipio Africanus and Scipio Asiagenus, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus and the most infamous of all: Romulus and Remus. 234p (Princeton UP 1997)"

I noticed this interesting-sounding book that retails for a hefty $49.95 is now on sale for only $14.98. Roman relationships are particularly fascinating to me so I ordered this book.
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