Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pompey by Robin Seager

I see Oxbow books is also offering this revised edition of Seager's biography of Pompey for only half price. I've read quite a bit about Caesar but my knowledge of Pompey has been limited to a view of him from the Caesarian camp. His sensitive portrayal by British actor Kenneth Cranham on HBO's new miniseries "Rome" has peaked my interest even further. So I ordered this book as well.

"First published in 1979, this is a revised edition of Seager's comprehensive biography and analysis of Caesar's son-in-law and rival, Pompeius. A general introduction to Roman politics has been added, along with a glossary, chronology, maps and an afterword which outlines recent research developments, has rendered this study more accessible to a wider readership. Much of the original text remains unchanged and it still provides a useful and interesting survey of one of Rome's more extraordinary characters who is often overlooked in favour of his contemporaries Caesar and Cicero. 269p, maps (Blackwell 2002)"
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