Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Close-up of life in the legions


Close-up of life in the legions: "Ironically, Eagle, a historical fiction series by Simon Scarrow, gives the reader a far better glimpse of what the Roman soldier was like.

The series, now into it?s fifth book, revolves around fictional Centurions Cato and Macro, and the real-life Legate (legion commander) Vespasian (who later became emperor).

The fifth title, The Eagle?s Prey, sees Cato, Macro and Vespasian coming under a cloud of failure, thanks to the incompetence of one centurion. The only way for the 2nd Legion to redeem itself is to capture the British King Caratatcus, who leads the resistance against Rome.

Of course this is no easy feat, as Caratacus has eluded the Romans for two years, since the invasion began. Besides, he still has his army. All of this promises the reader plenty of adventure and excitement, as well as an accurate portrayal of life in the Roman legions. "
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