Friday, January 20, 2006

A Roman Ransom by Rosemary Rowe

Libertus wakes in his home in Glevum weak, disoriented, and in the throes of a serious illness. By his bedside is his patron, Marcus Septimus. Despite warnings from the medicus that Libertus is too ill to speak to anyone, Marcus has come to beg Libertus for his help with a very serious matter: Marcus? wife Julia, and their son, Marcellinus, have gone missing. Everyone has been questioned, yet no one has answers. It?s as if Julia and Marcellinus have vanished into thin air?Then Marcus receives a ransom note wrapped in the hem of Julia?s stola. The message is short and direct: release Lallius Tiberius or Marcus will never see his family again. But who is Tiberius, and why is someone going to such trouble to free him? Libertus must help Marcus with his dilemma: give in to the kidnappers and sacrifice his reputation of being fair and unmoved by bribery, or stand firm and provoke unimaginable consequences?

"For those who like their crime clad in a toga, this cunningly drawn series set in 2nd-century Roman Britain will satisfy indeed. Rich in intriguing and authentic historical detail, and featuring the investigative exploits of Libertus?former slave and amateur sleuth?this is ancient history with a murderous twist."

Scheduled for release April 2006.
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